Thanks for visiting my site. I'm currently staying busy in my home studios, always working on something new. Most recently, I got the exciting opportunity to do Middays at Market #10 from my home studios. I was on WMGC Magic 105.1 DETROIT. Also I'm now the Imaging voice for KROZ...ON ASIANA AIRLINES. It's a Korean Airline. You can also hear me in the skies as the imaging voice on American Airlines. Never thought I'd be on in KOREA after all the only foreign language I speak is Italian. I speak fluent Italian and I've been to Italy 3 times most recently summer of 2001.

I had a principle role in a movie in 2001 called "The next Black Spring Break." The comedy is produced by Pop Art Film Factory in Santa Monica, CA. and South Boy Film Works. I play the part of "Buffy" a white girl at black spring break. You can rent the movie at Blockbusters or even Hollywood Video REMEMBER it's a low budget movie but hey IT'S A MOVIE!

I've also produced, hosted and directed my own TV show called "The Tastes of Central Florida." It aired throughout central Florida. We cooked on the show and featured some of Central Florida BEST restaurants.

I've also been reporter for TV in Gainesville Florida. My beat was Minority Issues and the Homeless. I actually spent the weekend with the homeless downtown and learned alot. I ended up doing something I felt really good about that was helping one of the 18 year old homeless kids get a job, find a place to live and enroll in college. I brought him a BIG PLATE of pasta every day till he got back on his feet. I don't know where he is today but could be the Doctor or Attorney in your town!

I've worked in Radio in Daytona Beach, Gainesville, Orlando and Boston. I've been on the JONES RADIO NETWORK all over the country doing Middays for their Rhythmic Oldies format. I've also been syndicated on over 60 stations in 25 different states across the country for the AIR1 Christian Network.

I enjoy Karate, Racquetball, riding on the back of my husbands Harley and COOKING..can't forget eating too!

I've been married for amost 12 years and we have a little boy named BILLY he is 7. Billy has been on the air with mommy at many of the stations I've worked at. In fact his first time on the air he was only 2 weeks old and I put him up to the mic, took the bottle out of his mouth and he let out a HUGE BURP! Boy was dad proud! GROSS!!

I have a 1980 Yellow Chevy first car I bought it when I was 15 with my babysitting money and it still sits in the doesn't run and has no engine..but I can't let it go! One day we hope to re-do it all! I love Radio and the people in Radio! It's in my blood…I've meet some great people in radio, seen many great concerts..even had lunch with collective soul before they became big. I've meet KOOL from Kool and the gang, seen Tina Turner in concert she is unbelievable and the funkiest concert of all "GEORGE CLINTON" and P-Funk. Grown up men wearing diapers?? ONLY at the P-Funk concert! My favorite artist of all time is PRINCE..I FINALLY SAW HIM IN concert AS I WAS 9 MONTHS PREGNANT! It was the best show!

Speaking of being nine months pregnant! I had my newest addition to the family, Isabella Emmanuela. She is healthy and is so perfect in every way. You can see her picture on our Fun With Kathy page. She was 7 pounds and 13 ounches and 21 inches long. She is so special and BILLY is so happy to be a big brother!

Thanks for reading all this..Hope you enjoy the site! Special thanks to my MACK DADDY WEBMASTER TED! You're the bomb!


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