Quotes from the Biz


"Kathy is a PD's "DREAM" air talent...well prepped, always local sounding, versatile delivery, extremely coachable, great attitude...I'd hire her again in a heartbeat!"

-Burke Allen


Allan Burns & Associates Broadcast Consultants
Washington DC/San Francisco/Berlin

"Kathy Aparo is one of the finest air talents I've heard in a long time. In short, this chick is a hellava jock, she smokes, and there is no format she can't do!!!"

- Harry Nelson


Harry Nelson Communications

New England

"Kathy Aparo was recommended to me by a consultant I know. She takes direction well and Forges a bond with her listeners everyday. Kathy always sounds like she is having a great time being on the radio. She is a pro with a great deal of passion for what she does"

-Jon Holiday

Director of Contemporary Programming

Jones Radio Network


"Kathy is incredible, she is very local, very topical and very warm. She's a perfect fit for our station and our core target listener, 35-44 year old female. I want to put her on all of our AC stations in the chain."

-Bruce Cherry

Ops Manager

WKZY Pamal Broadcasting LTD


"Kathy is such a great talented jock. The world deserves to hear her."

-Bill Fries

Program Director

WMGC Detroit


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